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Cameraventures.com is the home of the world’s happiest cameras.

We are a passionate group of camera enthusiasts who love to see digital services help the analog industry grow to meet the needs of the rising generation. We have built a platform for reclaimed cameras to fall into the right hands. Our team created Cameraventures to be the best and easiest platform for anyone on earth to buy a camera, it is still a process, but we are getting there.

On the Cameraventures.com camera platform we strive to maintain a high standard of reliability and hassle-free transactions by partnering with only the most reliable retailers. This means that every product listed on Cameraventures is guaranteed to be sold and shipped by a professional company.

Over the years we’ve have helped over 30 000 cameras find a new home. When you show the world to your cameras, we’re convinced that’s what they enjoy the most. Make a camera happy − take it out for a venture!

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A Sea of Photography

During the last year our team has tried to find out what the global picture of the analog world is and what can we can do to improve it. To explain the situation of the global community in light of the 7500 responses to our #saveanalogcameras campaign, I need to use a metaphor.

The community is like a sea full of boats where each boat has its own captain. There are some purists that have sailed their whole life on the same sailboat and there are new hotshots with noisy motor jets. There are people paddling with canoes, people surfing and some have luxury yachts. It is a very diverse community – but all love the time they spend on the sea. The break they get while they are on the sea helps them cope with their daily life. However, there are two problems:

Most of the community think they know the sea, but actually what they know is only what they can see around them and the routes they are used to taking. It is very hard to have the global picture when you are stuck on a boat. If the older seafarers know something about the rest of the world from their earlier travels, it is usually a somewhat outdated picture from what it used to be.

The supply chain (the cargo ships and shops in the ports), that everyone are dependant on for their fun, has been deteriorating for 20 years now with no money for development or maintenance available in the old corporations running them. It is outdated and long overdue for refurbishment.

Everyone who has ever gone to the sea knows that you need to know what kind of weather is coming so that seafaring will stay fun in the long run. You also need to have a place to get food and supplies.

What does the community need?

After the tsunami in Thailand back in 2004, most of the infrastructure for tourists had been wiped out. Visiting last year I noticed a small little beach shack built by the surfing community standing amidst the rebuilt luxury hotel compounds. It was just beside the best waves and was nothing too fancy – just a hut with a bar, hammocks, small eco huts and a great kitchen making good budget food. It had been created by passionate people due to demand that came organically, but seemed to attract all the people from the nearest twenty hotels to try something more real. The surfers told their friends and their friends came, but how did the non-core people know to come? They had seen reviews from people on Tripadvisor, and through the business they brought to the shack, it could grow to better service the core community as well.

The community needs good local passionate beach shacks in the best locations around the world. These shacks are the core of why the sea will stay attractive. At the same time the community needs a good modern navigation system that will help people see the changes in the weather and easily point the newcomers to try something more real. These two things combined create a new backbone for the supply chain that enables everyone to enjoy the sea for years to come.

What part does Cameraventures play in all of this?

We aim to be the navigation system for the analog world. We have the knowhow to build up the digital infrastructure the community needs and we aim to do it as openly and globally as possible. Our goal is to try to save the enjoyment of life at sea of film photography for as many people as possible with what we have always been good at here in Finland – connecting people.