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Film camera prices are rising steadily and it’s not just the likes of the Hasselblad XPAN, Contax T3 or Olympus Mju II that are increasing in value. It seems that almost all film cameras have doubled in price over five years.

For the last fifteen years it was, in many cases, almost cheaper to replace your broken camera with an entirely new one instead of having it repaired. However, we cannot keep replacing cameras forever. We need to keep film cameras operational for as long as possible and preferably bring new ones to the market as well. Our Save Analog Cameras campaign taught us how people repair their cameras, which has motivated us to start mapping the world’s best repair resources. We want to help people find a place where they can get their camera repaired, or alternatively donate their old cameras to be used as spare parts.

None of this would be possible without the amazing community of passionate analog photographers that continues to supply us with valuable information about hundreds of repair shops around the world. A big thanks to everyone who has participated in compiling this list! The effort is ongoing and we invite you to share information on any repair service you know about, whether it is currently listed or not.

NOTE: If you own or are employed by a repair shop, let us know about your business here!

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