Privacy Policy

The registry holder is obliged by the data protection regulation to inform the registered in a clear manner. This document fulfills that obligation.

1. Registry holder

Toriverkosto Oy

Contact information

Kyttälänkatu 1
33100 Tampere

Contact information in matters concerning the registry

Toriverkosto Oy
Kyttälänkatu 1
33100 Tampere

2. Registrants

The registry is composed of individuals who have submitted identifying information about themselves on

3. Use of personal information

Personal information is used on the basis of an established business relationship (the customer has requested an offer for items) or consent (the customer has created subscribed to a newsletter, taken part in a contest, submitted information, etc.).

Intent of using personal information and the registry

Personal information is used solely for the following pre-determined purposes:

  • Maintaining business relations with the customer.
  • Informing the customer of the services provided by Camera Rescue.
  • Informing the customer of the services provided by the partners of Camera Rescue.

4. Personal information recorded in the registry

The registry may contain up to all of the following information. Due to the consent-based nature of information collection detailed in chapter 6, not all information may be stored for any given customer.

Contact information

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Instagram account name
  • Country of residence
  • Age group

Additionally, if a business relationship with the customer has been established, the following information will be stored.

  • Phone number
  • Street address

5. Rights of the registrant

The registrant has the following rights. Requests to use these rights are to be made to the address in chapter 1.

Right to inspect

The registrant may request to view their contact information contained in the registry.

Right to request data to be corrected

The registrant may request the revision of inaccurate or insufficient data.

Right to object

The registrant may object the use of personal information if they feel the information has been used against the law.

Right to forbid direct marketing

The registrant may forbid their data from being used for direct marketing.

Right to be removed

The registrant may request the removal of their data if the use of their data is unnecessary. We will address the request of removal, which we will either remove the data or present a justifiable cause why the data cannot be removed.

Right to retract consent

If the use of the registrant’s personal information is based solely on consent instead of ex. a business relation or membership, the registrant may retract consent.

Right to appeal to a privacy representative about a decision

The registrant may demand that we restrict the use of disputed information until a solution is reached.

Right to appeal

The registrant may appeal to a privacy representative if they feel we are breaking the law when using personal information.

Privacy representative contact information:

6. Normal data sources

Customer information is normally obtained from the customer themself through their given consent when they interact with content on This content includes but is not limited to the offer request feature, various questionnaires, giveaways and contests that require the customer to submit personal information.

7. Normal handing over of data

Customer information is primarily not given to marketing purposes outside of Toriverkosto Oy. When a customer requests for an offer on their items, we share the customer’s information with partners who will respond to that request. Our contracts with our partners guarantee that personal information is always handled within the bounds of currently applicable privacy regulations.

We have assured that all our service providers adhere to the privacy regulation. We regularly use the following service providers:

  • MailChimp
  • Facebook
  • Google

8. Duration of use

Personal information is primarily used until a customer withdraws their consent.

9. Handlers of personal information

The registry holder and its employees handle personal information. We may outsource parts of information handling to third parties, but in doing so our contracts guarantee that personal information is always handled within the bounds of currently applicable privacy regulations.

10. Transferral of information outside the EU

With the exception of our customers who have subscribed to our newsletter and consented to receive personalized advertisements, no personal information is transferred out of the EU or ETA. When data is transferred out of the EU and ETA we guarantee an adequate level of privacy via contracts regarding the confidentiality and handling of data in accordance to the law.

11. Automatic decision making and profiling

We do not use data for automatic decision making and profiling.