Our buying process in detail

We believe that film photography is hard enough to get into as it is, even if your camera doesn’t leak light or has a faulty shutter. Therefore, we think it’s worth investing a bit of extra time and money into providing cameras that we can guarantee function properly. To do this, our process of buy-in and selling includes a lot of work for us. The buy-in process therefore includes a stage where we check what condition your gear is in. At the end, we will give you an offer based on the actual condition of your gear.

First you tell us what you have using the form below – including pictures can help us more accurately estimate a quote. Based on your description and the pictures you include, we will send you a preliminary offer that assumes everything is in good, fully working condition. Next, we receive your items, you get a receipt, and we start checking their condition, noting any problems. Finally, we send you a revised offer where you can see the condition of each item. You can now choose to accept the offer and get paid, or refuse the offer and have the items returned. You can also choose to have some of the items sent back.

The first quote we give you is based on the details you send us, the pictures, the desirability of the gear on the market, the number of duplicate items we have in our stock as well as our experience buying gear in your area of the world – sadly, very humid areas often have more problems with gear than very dry areas. However, we cannot possibly know everything about your gear without holding it and testing it. The first quote is therefore just preliminary and the final offer could be much higher if everything is in great shape.

Please get in touch using the contact form if you have any questions.