Camera Rescue Nordic Tour

Camera Rescue is going on tour!


We are Joel and Kasperi from Finland and we want to do our part to secure the future of analog photography. We will leave from the Camera Rescue Center on the 23rd of July and drive through Sweden to Norway on our mission to rescue all types of film cameras that are left unused. We have arranged things so that you can bring your cameras to selected BGA stores before or during our trip.

Kasperi and Joel operating a Linhof camera.

We are interested to meet with local film photographers and to buy any cameras that we are able to fit into our van. Also, if you spot us on the road, come and talk to us to get a free roll of film! Check below for more detailed information about the route and schedule of our trip, or if you want to contact us with any kind of travel or visiting tips. Help us build an analog future!

Joel & Kasperi
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How to sell to us

You can drop off your items to any of the locations listed below before or during our visit, or you can get in touch directly with us. When you’re bringing your items, be sure to fill out this form. If you wish, you can print it and fill it in beforehand. The forms will also be ready for you at the stores. Be sure to fill out the form at the shop. Once we have arrived at the location you brought your items to, we will check them and get in touch to give you a fair offer.

Our schedule:

Mon 23.7: Turku

Tue 24.7: Stockholm (12-16 at BGA Folkungagatan )

Wed 25.7: Jönköping (12-16 at BGA )

Thu 26.7: Malmö (12-16 at BGA )

Fri 27.7: Göteborg (12-16 at BGA )

Sat 28.7: Oslo (12-16 at BGA )

Wed 1.8: Oslo (14-16 at Oslo Foto )

Wed – Thur 1.-2.8: Drive back to Finland via Stockholm.


About the car

Möhkö, the van used for the Camera Rescue Tour

This old lady is without a doubt one of the most recognized vans in Finland. In 2012 she travelled to Nepal and back and the documentary movie made from the trip, Autolla Nepaliin, has been seen by around 500 000 people. The movie also won the national people’s choice award in 2015 after being the most viewed documentary film in theaters during 2014-2015. Before becoming a movie star “Möhkö” was a retired post van, and hence she has the steering wheel on the wrong side.

About the boys

Henkilön Joel (@joelkallio) jakama julkaisu

Käyttäjän @kasberi jakama julkaisu

Joel and Kasperi have been working with analog cameras since they were 15 years old (whenever their studies have it permitted). These digital era natives, now at a ripe 21 years, have shot with tens of film cameras, learned to test the functions of hundreds more and handled thousands of cameras. Shooting film has surpassed being just a hobby for these guys, it is almost an obsession.

About the Camera Rescue Project

The Camera Rescue project is a co-ordinated effort combining the passionate film photographers, skilled cameramakers and film-minded photo industry of Finland under one goal – rescue 100 000 cameras by the end 2020. It is not only about conserving heritage and the tools that created most of the personal memories humankind has, but also about giving the working cameras a new chance to shine with a loving new owner.

If we missed anything or you have any questions, get in touch with us!