Juho Leppänen

Passionately determined to save every analog camera in his path, Juho dreams of a future where his children will have the opportunity to shoot film just as he did.

September 23, 2017.

Campaign Results LIVE release for #SaveAnalogCameras

Welcome – you found the place the Live Stream will be available in!

Between April 2017 and August 2017 over 7500 people from 102 countries helped us with the #saveanalogcameras campaign. The information provided by these people sums up the situation of the global analog photography industry in 2017. We are hosting a LIVE stream session on the 22nd of September to publish the findings and you are most welcome to join the online conversation from anywhere in the world.

As a special guest to the event Bellamy, from Japancamerahunter.com, is joining us in Finland to explain the situation in the biggest community left outside our campaign – Japan – and also give insight to other questions.

Together we hope to shed some light into the biggest questions surrounding the future of analog photography, with a special emphasis on the future of the mechanical cameras making the artform possible.

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