Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a platform for anyone in the world to buy reclaimed cameras and equipment without any second guessing. All of our products have either been inspected or fully serviced by professional merchants who guarantee that everything is exactly as described. We firmly believe that by simplifying the process of trading used cameras we can show old cameras all the love they deserve.

Who am I buying from?

Every product on Cameraventures is sold and shipped by a qualified business whom we have personally invited to partner with us. Whether you are buying from our four merchants in Finland or one partner in Denmark, all items are evaluated with the same quality criteria and sent with the same shipping fee. All of our partners are limited companies with multiple members of staff ready to serve you.

I have a question about an item. Who do I contact?

Please direct your questions to each item’s respective seller, not Cameraventures as a platform. You can find their contact information on the right-hand side of the item’s product page.

I have an item to offer. Who do I contact?

All of our sellers manage their inventory independantly. Feel free to ask for a quote from any or all of our sellers.

What condition are your items in?

Our merchants commit to follow a standardized five-star rating system for the optical, mechanical and cosmetic condition of every individual item. For more specific details please refer to the guidelines on the bottom of this page.

What does the unintelligible text in an item description mean?

Some older product listings only have a description in the Finnish language. If you’re curious what it actually says, don’t hesitate to contact the item’s seller or give Google Translate a shot. Newer products are always listed with English item descriptions.

What is your return policy?

All of our sellers are committed to a 14-day return period starting from the arrival of your purchase. Faulty items will be offered a full refund, including the costs of return shipping. In case you just change your mind about a purchase you are welcome to return the item for a full refund, but will need to pay for its postage.

Do products come with a warranty?

Apart from the 14-day return period, none of our items have a warranty by default. In special cases, where for example an item is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, the seller will state it in the product description.

How much does shipping cost?

We ship worldwide through Finnish and Danish post services using insured priority airmail. The shipping cost is a fixed 20 € per shipment regardless of the number of ordered items or their size. If you are buying from multiple sellers, there will be a shipping cost for each individual seller. For a slightly faster and more secure option we offer the EMS shipping option for 30 €.

How long does shipping take?

On average, packages should arrive in Scandinavia in 3-5 working days, within Europe in 3-7 working days and into the rest of the world in 6-14 days. EMS shipping tends to be 1-3 days faster.

Can I become a seller on

We invite only the most reputable and trustworthy companies to sell their products on Cameraventures. If you believe to fit this criteria, send us a message at and we will tell you more on how to boost your online sales.

Why are your products also listed on

Our goal at Cameraventures is to provide a localized shopping experience for customers around the world. is our mirror site targeting the Finnish audience. Both sites synchronize their product listings, meaning that an item purchased on one site will disappear from the other.

What are the criteria for your condition examination?

The condition examination has been conducted using the following grading scale:

★★★★★ − 5 stars − “Good as new”

Optically: No deficiencies noticeable by the naked eye. The condition is identical to a product straight from the factory. Dust particles or very minor marks may be visible under a magnifying glass in older models.

Mechanically: The focus is smooth and steady and within the brand rigidity standards. The aperture blades move smoothly and have not worn marks on each other. The mechanics of a camera body or accessory are identical to a new item.

Cosmetically: No clear deficiencies can be observed with the naked eye. Very slight wear observable under magnification. The original packaging and equipment is often included, but not always, so please check the pictures.

Take notice that 5 stars are given basically only to new or like new items, 4 star items maybe as good as 5 star items cosmetically, but we mark them 4 stars because we know they have seen use.

★★★★ − 4 stars − “In near mint condition”

Optically: Small dust particles noticeable. No scratches or anything permanent on the front and rear lenses. Small cleaning marks may be observable on the surface of the front element, but they are by no means significant. We guarantee that the deficiencies are not visible on the images.

Mechanically: The focus is smooth and steady, though it may be slightly tighter or looser than a product straight from the factory. The manual focus has no backlash. The aperture blades move smoothly but may show slight signs of wear. The mechanics of a camera body or accessory have no defects.

Cosmetically: Slight normal wear observable. Small scratches or scuffs noticeable from use, but no dents or other marks apart from those resulting from normal use.

★★★ − 3 stars − “In good condition”

Optically: Dust particles observable in the lens, marks on coating or minor scratches on on the front element. None of the optical deficiencies can be shown to have an effect on picture quality. Usability is unaffected, but the collection value may have suffered.

Mechanically: The focus may be tight or loose, but it is fully usable and is constant in the entire focusing area. Slight backlash is possible. The aperture blades work well, even though signs of wear are visible. The mechanical condition of a camera or accessory is fully usable, but there might be imperfections in slow shutter speeds, the accuracy of the light meter or the light seals.

Cosmetically: Notable signs of wear visible. Small dents, scratches or surface wear in various places. Please see pictures.

★★ − 2 stars − “In ok condition”

Optically: The lens may be dusty and scratches may be visible on the lens coating and rear element. In most conditions the defects do not clearly affect the final result, but at least a reduction of contrast should be expected. When photographing toward a light source, the scratches may leave marks on the pictures. The sharpness and character of the lens has not necessarily suffered any deficiencies.

Mechanically: The focus may feel uneven and backlash is evident. Photographing is possible in the entire focusing range but the pleasure received from good manual focusing is not at its highest. Oil may be visible on the aperture blades and we recommend only to use the lens when adapted. The mechanical condition of a camera or accessory is still usable, but the slow shutter speeds might get stuck. All functions of the item may not be usable.

Cosmetically: More than average signs of use visible. Dents, scratches, wear on the surface and paint.

★ − 1 star − “In poor condition”

Optically: Scratches, mold, or fog visible on the optics, which definitely affects the sharpness and contrast of the image. The damage may be beyond repair, or it is only usable as spare parts.

Mechanically: The focus is either unusable, jammed or just damn annoying. The aperture blades may also be jammed. The damage may be beyond repair, or it is only usable as spare parts.

Cosmetically: Many visible signs of wear on the exterior. The condition may be beyond repair, or is only usable as spare parts.