Juho Leppänen

Passionately determined to save every analog camera in his path, Juho dreams of a future where his children will have the opportunity to shoot film just as he did.

May 14, 2019.

Europe Tour 2019

Hello Europe!

I am taking the Camera Rescue Outlet all the way to the mediterranean and going to hunt for camera gear on the way! Everyone loved our Outlet at the Helsinki foto fair this spring and we decided on taking it on tour.

Camera Rescue Outlet is attending the following camera shows:

Analogue Now Berlin, Germany
May 17th – 19th

Also hosting a buy in day at Fotoimpex downtown Berlin store on Monday 20th. Pop on by to sell anything foto related.

Bievres Photo Fair Paris, France
June 1st & 2nd

We will also have buying events in the city center at Nation Photo on the 9th or 10th of June. Follow up on Camera Rescue France to know exactly.

Revela-T Barcelona, Spain
June 15th & 16th

We will also drive to Bilbao from Barcelona and continue with a boat to Portsmouth in the UK. After driving through England we should be in Newcastle around the 20th of June and then take a boat back to Sweden. Our full Europe tour will be about 5000km and cover these Lübeck – Berlin – Paris -Barcelona – Bilbao – Portsmouth – London – Newcastle – Göteborg – Stockholm. 

To take 500kg of small lovely things to you, I needed a car. So I got one, but… unfortunately it didn’t pass some regulationary issues yet. It’s super super cool and special but since I won’t be able to debut it on this trip I’m going to keep it a secret for now. That means I got a less cool but bigger VW van for the trip, and it will mean around 750kg of outlet stuff to part with!

The goal of the trip is to empty out all of the Outlet gear in the three fairs (so it will be cheap!) and replace it with 750kg of spare parts, bought cameras and camera repair equipment. I have set up meetings with two old retired repair shops in France and the UK on the round trip, but more would be welcome.

I can also do appraisals of bigger camera collections if they happen to be on the way.  The trip doubles also as my summer holiday, so I won’t be traveling too tightly scheduled, but here is the rough draft of available times:

Germany/Belgium May 25th-May 30th

France June 1st-13th

Spain June 14th-17th

UK June 18th-21st

Sweden June 22nd

If you have tips for me, want to meetup on the way or otherwise just be in contact – just email me at juho@camerarescue.org or send me a DM on Instagram. I would also love it, if you could help to spread the word locally that I want to buy cameras, especially bigger lots of cameras. Thanks!

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