Europe Expedition ’18

Bonjour mes amies y hola todos! Tengo noticias para España y j’ai des nouvelles pour la France aussi!

The Camera Rescue Europe Expedition will be in France, Spain, Hungary, Serbia, Austria and the UK in November 2018.

As most of you know, our rescue center is based in Finland. What most may not grasp is the size of our mission of rescuing a 100 000 cameras. Today our center and the four partnering locations in Finland are processing about 1000 cameras a month, and sending them to new homes. It is a good number, and certainly one of the biggest in Europe, but it is still short in two things.

First, it’s about 50% short of our 100 000 camera goal by 2020. That means we need to speed up everything that already exists within our operations soon.

But secondly and more importantly, it is short of what Europe needs. 1000 a month is barely enough for the Nordic analog photography scene and there are twice as many people in Spain alone! Therefore we look towards both expanding our existing reach and helping out local rescue centers emerge by sharing our knowledge.

The Camera Rescue Crew at Photokina

The first step was Photokina. Now we are taking more steps. I will move with our head developer Misa and our families to Paris for November to work on establishing a fixed presence there in co-operation with Nation Photo.

At the same time Nuno will go and visit Traveling Light and Carmencita Film Lab in Spain. Click here for full article on Spain. We are also planning to setup a service point in Spanish for the future for both Camera Rescue and Kamerastore with the help of Nicolas Llasera in Bilbao.

Jussi, the CEO of Kamerastore, is also visiting Vienna and Manchester in the end of November. Jordan from Cameraville is touring Hungary and Serbia, with a possible visit to some Eastern European countries too.

Everyone from the Finnish team can meet up about the trainee programs, partnering possibilities and other know-how that can help any local camera rescuers during our expeditions. The whole team is also available to do on-site camera checkups and buy-ins, if you have or know of gear that needs some love.

We hope to see you on the road!

Much love from Finland


Juho Sticker Misa Sticker

Paris 1.11.-28.11.


Barcelona, Valencia 1.11.-9.11.


Jussi Sticker

Wien 24.11.-25.11., Manchester 26.-30.11.


Jordan Sticker

Hungary, Serbia, Eastern Europe. Ask for specific dates and times.


Nico Sticker

He lives in Bilbao so… Ask him!