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There is over 30 of us!

The camera rescue project has always been about doing things together. Companies, freelancers and volunteers around Finland and Europe have united to work under the same mission. Since 2018 we have concentrated the knowhow, machinery and spare parts in the same location known as the Camera Rescue Center, in Tampere Finland.

With any questions, comments, doubts or tips you can always email

International Crew

We work with many freelancers to get localized assistance for bigger rescue operations. Feel free to contact your local crew member with any questions or suggestions.

The France 🇫🇷team:

Adrien, Jules, Stefan and Alex

Working at the office of our Parisian partner Nation Photo, Alex, Stefan, Jules and Adrien can both check and buy cameras in any quantities with a central Parisian location. Stefan is also available for travel, if larger collections need to be assessed.

Spain 🇪🇸and Hispanoamérica

Nicolas Llasera is a well known figure in the Spanish and international analog photography scene. He can reply to any project related questions in Spanish.

The US 🇺🇸and East Europe:

Jordan Lockhart

Jordan, a Californian by origin, has lived the past few years in Europe. He can be contacted with questions about the US or if you happen to have a bigger lot within smart distance from Budapest.

Russia 🇷🇺

Roman “@r0man0ff” Kalygin

Roman is a frequent sight at our HQ in Tampere, where he has both trained with Cameramakers and done his world famous camera flatlays! He can be contacted for any inquiries from the EAEU via

Belgium 🇧🇪 and Netherlands 🇳🇱

Gheerwijn Clicque is a camera enthusiast from Belgium. He has a special skill of finding cameras in the most unlikely places, and that makes him an excellent Rescuer! For a contact check his Instagram.


Linus Harwig is our Germany representative! He can easily be reached by emailing

United Kingdom🇬🇧 and Norway🇳🇴:

Arild Edvard Båsmo

Arild is part of the Camera Rescue team and can be contact, in Norwegian or English, about anything related to Norway or the UK. He is from Norway but moved to Edinburgh, Scotland to study 4 years ago and knows both the Norwegian and British community well.

Reach Arild via

Sweden 🇸🇪:


Jonas works at the Tampere office in and can be contacted about anything related to Sweden in Swedish, Finnish or English.

Reach Jonas on

Project team

Camerarescue Team

The project team running this website, our social media channels and the software development during 2016-2020 consisted of Misa, Juho and Eetu. As the nature of the project changes from enabling software to creating education, the core team will change during 2021.


If you dont know who to contact – you can always just pop Juho an email: