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June 23, 2020.

CANCELLED: Camera Rescue Tour 2020

The Camera Rescue Tour 2020 has been cancelled due to the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak.

During the spring and summer of 2020, we had plans for a great European Rescue Tour, hitting up six locations between March and June. Like everyone else in the world, 2020 did not turn out the way we had expected. While the Cambulance was on its way to the UK, the Photography Show in Birmingham was postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. One after the other, shows and fairs in Europe that we were scheduled to attend got cancelled and we decided to return to Finland. That turned out to be more difficult than you should think. You can watch the drama in the saved stories called “Tour Crisis” on our Instagram channel @camerarescue.

Below you can see what our plan was. Hopefully we will be able to visit you where you are next year.


Camera Rescue will be at the following events during the year, please read more below about what will be going on and what will be offered. And of course join us if you can! Scroll down to see all details.


?? WORCESTER March 14-15, The Analogue Spotlight

?? PARIS March 19, Nation Photo Opening

?? STOCKHOLM March 27-29, Fotomässan

?? COLOGNE May 27-30, Photokina

?? PARIS June 6-7, Bièvres

?? BARCELONA June 13-14, Revela‘T



We will be offering various services depending on the show location:

OUTLET: Buckets of thousands of pieces of analog camera gear that doesn’t have the time to list online. All can be had for pocket change. SEE VIDEO of previous Outlets ? (Helsinki), (Berlin), (Paris)

BUY-INs: We will be buying in camera gear for those of you who wish to trade or sell for cash.

CAMERAS RESCUE TV: We will be interviewing analog-related people and companies to publish on Youtube (Playlist).

CAMERA DIAGNOSTICS: (COMING SOON) We will test your camera’s operating heath with our authentic film-era equipment.

CAMBULANCE: Camera Rescue will premiere its new ? CAMBULANCE! ?




The Phography Show [<Cancelled!].

The Analogue Spotlight [NEW!] Details Here!

Services: Outlet, Buy-Ins, Camera Rescue TV, Cambulance


?? PARIS, FRANCE March 19

Paris Base opening ceremonies with @nationphoto ,

Services: Buy-Ins, Cambulance


?? SOTCKHOLM, SWEDEN March 27-29

Fotomässan @fotomassan . @kamerastorecom has a booth, not Camera Rescue

Services: Outlet, Buy-Ins



Photokina 2020 @photokina We will be hanging out at the fair, no booth though.

Services: Cambulance


?? PARIS, FRANCE June 6-7

Bièvres 2020

Services: Outlet, Buy-Ins, Cambulance


?? BARCELONA, SPAIN June 13-14

Revela’T @revelatfestival Barcelona w/Outlet and Cambulance Buy-in point.

Services: Outlet, Buy-Ins, Cambulance



Outlet Helsinki 2019

Outlet Berlin 2019


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Here is a look at what we packed with us from Finland. This Outlet is this weekend in Berlin, in two weeks in Paris and a week after that in Barcelona. More info on

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Outlet Paris 2019


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Ajourdhui et demain. Tous a moins de 10€.??♥️ I climbed our van to showcase the Bièvres Foto Fair Outlet to people, as I would not have fit to do it on the ground. Also pushing my French skills to the limit <3 Come say hi for stickers, pins or if you want to sell something. Merci. Ping @nationphoto

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Camera Rescue TV Photokina 2018

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